Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cunningham Piano Company

There are still things that I am passionate about and one of them is pianos.  I have been fortunate enough to have visited many modern piano restoration shops which form the current heart and soul of the business.  I actively promote the businesses that I have actually visited.  One that I have not yet visited nevertheless deserves my consideration and yours if you are in the market for a good piano.  Rich Galassini of Cunningham, who I have communicated with through the Piano World Piano Forums and via e-mail and by phone, just sent me a link to this excellent little video up on YouTube which describes his business.  I think he needs to do another spotlighting the unique qualities of his line of Cunningham pianos.  In its day the original Cunningham piano was one of the finest ever made and this is no doubt still the case.  I believe we should all be glad that some great enterprises have managed to survive into our own time and continue to represent what is finest in the art of the piano.  I have placed more links to this company on the Sources for Good Pianos page.        

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