Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Planet Mu’s Lost Civilizations - Anne Tittensor

Anne Tittensor had this to say:

The conclusion I have come to on the existence of MU, is as follows. MU was not an island or a group of islands. MU was planet Earth, swimming in the sea we call the Universe in the deep and distant past when MU (Earth) was smaller, as Churchward says, “before the mountains rose”. A past that we have forgotten, a past that has been deliberately taken from us, a past that, if proven would destroy all educational, religious and political practises and systems in this, our present civilisation. It is therefore understandable why our past has been hidden from the populous – just imagine if the masses* were faced with the truth that we, the awakened are mistily aware of? Think about it – really think about it. We are not the first technically advanced civilisation to inhabit this planet, in fact our technical and scientific advancements are but a scratch on the surface of what a previous civilisation achieved.

We have survived catastrophe after catastrophe, some natural and some man-made as stated within the research. Darwin had a theory that is still pumped through the education system even to this day, but his “theory” is only tentatively viable for this particular layer in time and does not take into consideration the NOW quantum reality. Here we have a prime example of the expression “everything we have been told is lies” – no matter what advancements this civilisation happens to stumble across, Darwin will still be taught in schools. Why? Because anything else would upset the apple cart and all the anthropologists and their peers would have to go find a job in Tescos. Can you see that happening?

Think about the implications. The proof is out there – The global connective unexplained stonework, the as yet unknown race of people as proven by the skulls, the out of place artefacts and anomalies that are becoming more and more evident today, the fact that pre-ice age pyramids are showing up globally, the fact that we now have an Egyptian tomb waiting to be excavated in Australia! (yes, you read that right).  The researchers that stray from the mainstream will force the information to the surface, all the while fighting through the misinformation machine, the bullshit and the Nay Sayers, it will prevail – hopefully.

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* I was asked to admonish Anne that the use of the phrase "the masses" is equivalent to saying "the mob" and would better be termed "the people" instead. It would do the world a lot of good to drop "the masses" from our usual conversation as we do not seek superiority above anyone.