Friday, December 2, 2016

Camille Saint-Saëns Second Symphony

This peculiarly delightful work was written in 1959, the same year as his opera Sampson and Dalila. The composer was just 24 years old.

There were perhaps calls for orchestras to champion new material occasionally, usually but not always from someone none had heard before. Well, we have heard of this fellow, the Frenchman with the difficult name.

Cah-MEEL San Soen. The two tiny n's are barely pronounced.  He was really quite clever and gifted. Listen to the fleet or perhaps sleek orchestration he comes up with. The emotions are intended to be picturesque rather than very intense or deep, but we have an excellent group here and they catch every little playful trick. Their orchestral tone is exquisite throughout. They have captured the playfulness of what Saint-Saëns – as academic as it is in most instances – was still quite capable. We have the St. Paul Minnesota Chamber Orchestra under Thomas Zehetmair to thank. This work would make a splendid opening work on any modern orchestral program. The work is as follows:

Symphony No. 2 in A minor, Op. 55

1. Allegro marcato
2. Adagio
3. Scherzo. Presto
4. Prestissimo

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Saint-Saëns at 18 in 1853

Jean Martinon - Orchestre national l' O.R.T.

There are certain years in musical history where one can get a sense of the truly international character of the enterprise of making great music succeed. In the year 1855, Steinway & Sons was established in New York City, Johannes Brahms had written and published all three of his piano sonatas and was getting ready to take up with the Schumanns. Schumann himself was at the height of his powers. And in and around Paris, the young Camile Saint-Saëns, who certainly will figure in many pages of this blog, came upon the scene. 

He was in every way a remarkable prodigy. He was gifted with a great general intellect and a good long life, in fact one of the longest in professional music. He is often passed over because the quality and depth of his art are rarely appreciated.

That which was in every way French at the middle of the 19th century was featured in this work. Though much of it derives as said from Schumann and Mendelssohn, other ideas come from Beethoven, but the spaces inside the music, the depth, the scenic quality of the orchestral sound, all choirs neatly displayed and cleverly flanked against each other, all that is the uniqueness of Saint-Saëns.

The work is scored in four movements: 
1 - Adagio,allegro
2 - Marche,scherzo : Allegretto scherzando 
3 - Adagio 
4 - Finale : Allegro maestoso

Senses of immense spacial distances and vastness suggesting natural phenomena in light and air, especially in the third movement, though certainly derivative of Beethoven (his 9th symphony 3rd movement) are unique to Saint-Saëns.

We owe a tremendous thanks that this performance is up here. Now we need more people around the world to champion it. The last movement is very “national” and military. We will witness many pieces that fall into this category as we survey the music of Western civilization through the 19th into the 20th centuries.

This symphony closes with a climactic grand fugue. This symphony deserves a good solid revival!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Handel e Vivaldi: Arias e concertos com Magdalena Kozena // Andrea Marcon

Handel e Vivaldi: Arias e concertos com Magdalena Kozena // Andrea Marcon

The music begins at the beginning of this track without any introduction. It is the kind of music one would dearly love to hear live. It's also remarkably good for cleaning up your house. Lots of energy! Very good performances from all of them who capture the true spirit of all classical music; they clearly get it.

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Cascading Failures Of The New World Order

(a poem by Mr. Sims)

the parties are trashed
the banks are cashed
the press is smashed

what comes next?
they're all self-hexed
and they're all perplexed

what went wrong?
we hit the gong
it's their swan song

we don't trust politicians
they're legislative morticians
criminal black magicians

the wake-up call
just in time for all
now don't drop the ball

signs of the times
youtube defines
it's war on the mind

we're the facebook horde
turn tables on the sword
with the written word

no more prison planet
we decided to can it
freedom's enflamed and we fan it

get the big-picture view
we've been stuck in the stew
of an evil-witch brew

we're sick of the lies
the poisoned skies
the toxic food dyes

the voting machines
spitting out the green
movies are obscene

military hi-jinx
contractor twinks
proven links

pedos perched
piety besmirched
satan's churched

endless parrots
chasing sticked carrots
here come the ferrets

wikipedia's tweaked
agenda is sneaked
here comes wikileaks

clinton the rapist
was once an escapist
now exposed by tapists

hillary the shill
we've had our fill
she's over the hill

spread the word
you've already heard
we're seen as a herd

we hate the hegemony
the political dronery
the cronies and phonies

The Bushes of crime
have stolen our dimes
and spoiled our times

endless psychophants
with superfluous rants
parade without pants

they took over the schools
made us look like fools
took away our tools

universities rot
the professors are bought
it's all sports jackpot

it's runaway corporatism
creating wealth schism
and statism, statism, statism

the economics of greed
take more than you need
watch the people bleed

pesticide crimes run amok
your essence they suck
then they pass the buck

what conspiracies do
they're nothing new
just now, they're in view

mass mind control
subliminally troll
it's a psycho black hole

and the misleading clergy
with their selective liturgy
needs spiritual surgery

we don't need the dopes
like the ignorant pope
destroying our hope

no matter where you look
you will eventually find a crook
you find them in the good and bad book

to this tyrade there is no end
we know it's always been in the wind
from me, this to you I send

Like (or not)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ann Barnhardt -"Diabolical Narcissism" (SHE DOESN'T HOLD BACK!)

Ann Barnhardt -"Diabolical Narcissism" (SHE DOESN'T HOLD BACK!)
Posted as NEWS: From 15 May, 2016 - This is definitely our most controversial post ever. Her perspective obviously is from a traditional Roman Catholic perspective. If she is right then don't expect to see this video up for very long, though as she says, THEY really don't care and perhaps it suits their purposes to keep people running down rabbit holes that lead nowhere and concern matters they can do nothing about, rather than getting on with it using the proposal outlined here.

Oh and ah, yes. As a mentor of mine said to me once, another lifetime ago, if any stereotype works, it's because there is an element of truth to it.

You know, I can separate this lady's message from her religion. Thanks, I get it. Jim TX

She speaks as if she knows from personal experience to me. Laura, CA

She's talking about s**t everyone knows already. Bad people are bad people. You can find them anywhere. Bob, NY

Thank-you for understanding the message and why it was important.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Tea Tasting – Newman's Own Organic vs. Lipton

This is going to be a frank taste test based on my opinion only. First, let it be known that these black teas, usually in the form of tea bags rather than loose tea as I prefer, both represent good values. What then would be ordinary tea or tasteless tea? Perhaps we'll get into that on another post.

The test consisted of 2 tea bags of each brewed in a Teavana plastic teapot capable of containing 2 mugs of tea. I simply opened the bags and poured the tea into the teapot. This teapot allows you to instantly see the end of the steep as all the leaves have gone to the bottom.

Newman's Own Organic

I got a large box of bags. You open the box and there are 3 lines of bags in paper wrappers. I figured it would probably be better tea than most, and I have tried some really good teas. Opening the box was promising as the tea had a nice fresh aroma. I presume this is black tea from Assam and Ceylon. I always take mine with milk and nothing else.

This tea had a medium body, some tea is actually thick, other tea is very thin. This affects the texture of the tea as you drink it. There is also of course the aftertaste. This is what is left after you have actually swallowed the tea and this is also one of the qualities where we can acquire persistent memories of various kinds of tea as one can with various kinds of coffee, wine or beer.

For my purposes, I like a smooth malty aftertaste in my morning black tea. Then in the afternoon, I keep the tea in the pot from the morning and add another bag to the pot for my afternoon tea. Much of the character of the morning pot is retained. This practice is a really cheap way to deal with your daily cup.

I was pleased with the tea, it matches my expectations. It was smoother than some other brands. Newman's Own tea might even serve as a good mean example of what's available in America right now.

I look for Lipton loose tea wherever I shop. Usually all that's available are bags. I'll tell anyone in case they don't know; something must have happened to Lipton a while back. We used always to see Lipton served in restaurants for those who preferred tea. But compared with what they sell now, that tea I remember was somehow more bitter and perhaps had additives. Anyway things have changed. Lipton deserves the place as the measure for all black teas because their latest products are better in every way than their predecessors and represent a terrific value.

Finding no loose tea, I bought a little box of bags. It was not quite as fresh as the loose tea is, but they had done a great job of packaging the bags inside the box rather than bothering with individual paper wrappers.

Anyway, what can I say but yes! Lipton beat Newman's Own in the maltiness department, a far fresher taste, a stronger kick too. After all, some of us decided to go from coffee to tea some years ago and loved the variety and never looked back. I avoided Lipton for years, and tried just about everything else too. Then one day I saw they had loose tea and I tried it. There is better and I will get into that anon, but for everyday use, this tea is very hard to beat, though occasionally I do buy all kinds of other brands just to vary it a little.

Stay calm, brew more tea. Enjoy!

Friday, July 15, 2016

How to Download and Build Your Own House

This is a VERY important effort. It represents a genuine trend. It's so important that we had to get it out on ALL of our websites.