Friday, October 14, 2016

The Cascading Failures Of The New World Order

(a poem by Mr. Sims)

the parties are trashed
the banks are cashed
the press is smashed

what comes next?
they're all self-hexed
and they're all perplexed

what went wrong?
we hit the gong
it's their swan song

we don't trust politicians
they're legislative morticians
criminal black magicians

the wake-up call
just in time for all
now don't drop the ball

signs of the times
youtube defines
it's war on the mind

we're the facebook horde
turn tables on the sword
with the written word

no more prison planet
we decided to can it
freedom's enflamed and we fan it

get the big-picture view
we've been stuck in the stew
of an evil-witch brew

we're sick of the lies
the poisoned skies
the toxic food dyes

the voting machines
spitting out the green
movies are obscene

military hi-jinx
contractor twinks
proven links

pedos perched
piety besmirched
satan's churched

endless parrots
chasing sticked carrots
here come the ferrets

wikipedia's tweaked
agenda is sneaked
here comes wikileaks

clinton the rapist
was once an escapist
now exposed by tapists

hillary the shill
we've had our fill
she's over the hill

spread the word
you've already heard
we're seen as a herd

we hate the hegemony
the political dronery
the cronies and phonies

The Bushes of crime
have stolen our dimes
and spoiled our times

endless psychophants
with superfluous rants
parade without pants

they took over the schools
made us look like fools
took away our tools

universities rot
the professors are bought
it's all sports jackpot

it's runaway corporatism
creating wealth schism
and statism, statism, statism

the economics of greed
take more than you need
watch the people bleed

pesticide crimes run amok
your essence they suck
then they pass the buck

what conspiracies do
they're nothing new
just now, they're in view

mass mind control
subliminally troll
it's a psycho black hole

and the misleading clergy
with their selective liturgy
needs spiritual surgery

we don't need the dopes
like the ignorant pope
destroying our hope

no matter where you look
you will eventually find a crook
you find them in the good and bad book

to this tyrade there is no end
we know it's always been in the wind
from me, this to you I send

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