Wednesday, May 3, 2017

In Search of the World's Greatest Pianos – James Pavel Shawcross

Why "In Search of The World's Greatest Pianos"

Shigeru Kawai SK-EX
1930 Steinway "Golden Age"
Hamburg Steinway
1966 Steinway D
Blüthner Model 2
Blüthner Model 1
Bosendorfer Imperial Concert Grand 97 Key
1903 Mason & Hamlin CC "Golden Age"
Mason and Hamlin BB "1993" 

Friedrich Grotrian

Young Shawcross plays a modified version of Chopin's fantasy Improptu on all these pianos. Of course nothing compares with having the experience in person, but you get the varieties of piano sound in all the registers. Every piano has a unique personality and most pianos on the high end are nice personalities. Some old pianos have wonderful personalities too, but they are harder to come by as time passes. Then of course some pianos have downright weird personalities. Those are the kind piano technicians sometimes discuss among themselves.

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