SKIP GOEZ Recommended for all stringed instruments

UPDATE 9/24/12

A new website is under construction here:

UPDATE 12/4/11:

We at the Guitar Shop are revamping the whole shop-----massive clean up---new work decks-----new attitude------want to get more of the players out there involved with all that we are doing now and the new stuff----pickup building and a better light retail-----plus the best work I can provide----- Skip Goez.

M W: Thanx for the years of service! c ya'll soon for a tune up on the Les Paul and the 175.

D B: Good for you, Skip ...though your reputation as a committed instrument repairman (as well as John's) stands own it's own. Best of luck on your renovation!

P R: You're the man Skip! Sounds awesome.

A G: You're the best Skip. I'll stop by to see the new look next time I'm in town. Keep on rockin!

B G: Awesome! Just got back from a business trip will try to get in before the new year!

J C: Awesome. My 88 Gibson U2 needs some updates, as well as a couple other old strats. John did a killer job on my old stratocaster a few weeks ago, love the work you guys do.

These testimonials speak volumes about the reputation of one of the finest instrument repair specialists in the entire world.