Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Eva Marie Cassidy (1963-1996)

Yes.  Eva Marie Cassidy (1963-1996).  As had Franz Schubert, she died so young

Some out there may suppose that my heart and soul so belong to “classical” music that I wouldn't be impressed with much else. Well, that sentiment is for those without sufficient experience in music and they'd certainly be missing a lot. There are people in this world who came and went and this is one of them; an artist of significance and greatness that you probably didn't know even existed. What we have left of her, every last track she recorded, are likely to become as important to the very art of music itself than they were when she was alive and actually sang them.  In a period where the music tended to be anything but beautiful, she was a bright light.  Think of a song sung by Eva Cassidy as one might think of getting to see a real Vermeer: an apt metaphor for her impressive accomplishments.

YouTube features many of Eva Cassidy's songs. Here are a few excellent titles:

I Know You By Heart
Who Knows Where The Time Goes
Early Morning Rain
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
It Doesn't Matter Anymore
What A Wonderful World
You've Changed
Danny Boy
Fields of Gold
Time After Time
True Colors
You Take My Breath Away
Early One Morning
Dark Eyed Molly
Still Not Ready For Good Times
Look In My Eyes
If I Give My Heart

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