Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Graham Hancock on Touring Ancient Egypt

If you're going to Egypt and can only take two books with you they should be '"The Travelers Key to Ancient Egypt" and "Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt," both by my old friend John Anthony West. "Travelers Key" is by far the best guide book to the mysteries of ancient Egypt ever written. Although it's presently out of print you can get used copies through Amazon, and my understanding is that a new, revised and updated edition is planned very soon. It's thanks to John that we are now all aware that the Great Sphinx of Giza may date back to 10,000 BC or earlier (rather than to around 2,500 BC as mainstream archaeologists claim). The notion of an older Sphinx was originally John's insight, and it was he who brought in Professor Robert Schoch of Boston University who confirmed that this extraordinary monument was indeed subjected to thousands of years of heavy rainfall and therefore must be much older than 2,500 BC -- dating back to a time, around the end of the last Ice Age, when Egypt was last subject to such rains. The debate goes on, Egyptologists continue to wiggle and claim that the Sphinx is younger, but they will not prevail. The truth is great and mighty, as the ancient Egyptians said.

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