Sunday, July 7, 2013

Another “found” Schubert Symphony

Raymond Leppard decided to re-orchestrate this great work more in the style of Schubert himself, using the similar style and instrumentation Schubert incorporated in the "Unfinished Symphony" of 1822, written two years previous to this Grand Duo.

This performance by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Raymond Leppard in November 1990.”

Schubert - Symphony in C Major (1824) (Grand Duo D. 812)
III. Scherzo: Allegro vivace
IV.Finale: Allegro vivace

[Update 14 July, 2013] The original composition was written for piano four hands as a Sonata. This music has to be some of my all time favourite. I even featured it in my book. A great performance of it exists featuring Jonathan Plowright and Aaron Shorr in concert at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland on the 27 January 2012.

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