Thursday, May 2, 2013

Richard Goode – Beethoven, the Last 3 Sonatas

Last night (1 May, 2013), the veteran concert pianist, Richard Goode (69) played the last three Beethoven piano sonatas in a concert at Carnegie Hall. Here's how his performances might have sounded. We never know for how long, but while YouTube lasts, here are three gems of the piano repertoire played for both emotional and intellectual edification by one of the greatest pianists of his generation.

Sonata #30 in E Major, Op. 109
Sonata #31 in A flat Major, Op. 110
Sonata #32 in c minor, Op. 111 

By the way, for the time being, ALL of Goode's performances of Beethoven sonatas are available for listening on YouTube.  Please remember though that while they are alive and working, all musicians change their interpretations somewhat and whether they be someone of Goode's stature or not, all musicians need to support themselves through patronage.  Please try to attend their live concerts and consider the purchase of their CD's as gifts.  Thank-you.

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