Friday, November 4, 2011

The E. C. Riegel Blog is Launched

The following reads are real prerequisites for getting the most out of The E. C. Riegel Blog:

Private Enterprise Money 



  1. In my opinion E.C. Riegel was, so to speak the greatest composer of classical music in the theory of money to ever live. He has challenged and invited in his composing those who wish to be inspired and lead by his masterful theory of monetary conducting. His orchestra is now coming together to finally discover him. If one were to try to compare him to the musical composers such as you have featured on this musical blog he would be by far the worlds greatest. Self taught, he stood virtually alone in his field as he independently transposed his classical money manuscripts. Un-fortunately because his musical money compositions are so obscure they have for the most part eluded the world though a few of us have now discovered them. The virtually un- read and un-played master full scores he so brilliantly composed are free to the world. It is up to us follow the conductor E.C. Riegel and play them. His writings contain the most valuable and liberating music ever written.

  2. If Riegel was Bach, I'm content to be one of his Mendelssohns.

  3. Yes I hear you and Riegel had the touch of a Chopin with his delicate theory of the universal - natural - laws of money. Now the discovery has been made by us and the Riegel monetary music must be liberated from it's pages, set free and played for all the world. Everyone on this planet is invited to discover it for them selves, pick up his or her instrument in his global orchestra and to follow this masterful conductors written score which we all now have in writing. His unique monetary music is yet alive and will soon have a "clarion" thanks to the likes of Spencer Heath MacCallum and Thomas H. Greco Jr and others. May we play it honorably as written I pray, so as to do him the honor he well deserves!