Thursday, October 27, 2011

Researching the True Nature of Money

An Open Message to the 99% (Occupy Wall Street)

It was bound to happen, an exception to the rule. I will be brief, perhaps only here, perhaps only once. There have been many people you've never heard of, but that doesn't mean they didn't have something important to pass along to you. We can and should contemplate what we have lost through neglect of ideas (because they were not those backed by influence). In this case, were it not by some almost impossible odds, similar to those involving the discovery of Bach's Brandenburg Concerti, we simply wouldn't have anything, and in this case our reasons for hope would be perhaps diminished, based on history. In the case at issue, money and who issues it, which is perhaps the greatest question in the history of mankind, of civilization itself, a clear answer is found in this man's researches and they offer to date the best alternative solution, especially to end war and poverty worldwide.

E. C. Riegel

The works of Edwin Clarence Riegel (1879-1953) came to my attention through research which goes back in some depth over 25 years, to determine the facts concerning the workings of banking and finance, the economy and money. My researches led me to survey monetary history going back into ancient times. I was able to find considerable evidence of a fatal flaw in the system which doomed it to failure, involving historically repeated credit cycles and the inability of populations to withstand long term debt without prospect of material improvements. But until I read Riegel, I had not encountered another such singularly simple alternative model for money. The ideas are so significant that were they to be taken up everywhere by all, it would mark the end of one era in human history and the beginning of another, an era of peace and prosperity for all.

I offer the following links for further reading:

The New Approach to Freedom. together with Essays on the Separation of Money and State
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Flight from Inflation

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  1. great ideas sure,but you can´t turn it real unless you take down the elites on the top of the system in place!

  2. Actually, @Rick2012, this is not the case. There are thousands of autonomous currency systems popping up all over the world, some good, some bad. It is the natural ecology of human economics returning and renewing the barren land left by centuries of central bank monoculture.

    A wonderful (historical) example is Larkin Merchandise Bonds :

  3. Thank-you M.H.J. Bromwell for your comment, I shall certainly read Mr. Greco's book, though how it happened to be snatched by Google is another question. Certainly there have been many alternatives to "public" or "government" money and there are a few operating around the world, some operating within a short distance from me.